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Recently, we see more people losing their jobs because of the current situation. Our goal has always been to make the perfect match for digital talents to find their dream job.

We have been working for more than 6 months in Career Coaching and have been able to help thousands of hires via our Listopro platform. We have the tools that allow you to be more successful in the process of finding a job and with the Boot Camp we give it to you.

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Talents who have already participated in our Career Coaching Boot Camp

Upskilling to a new job
"It helped me to realize that I didn't value myself as I should have, to have a broader perspective of the opportunities I want, and to be specific and prioritize what is really important to me."
Armando M.
Looking for work for more than a year
"Keep myself updated on job search tools (which is something that no one teaches you and you should seek professional help) b) Know how the search/application model works for the jobs posted on Listopro"
Francisco B.
Looking for work more than 8 months
"I am pleased to inform you that I have achieved the goal, I have been hired by a company for a mega project to implement cybersecurity for the college of notaries of Mexico City. I share with you my joy and I transmit to you that I use all the tools of the course."

What is the Boot Camp Career Coaching about?

We have taken the most applicable part of the course to get you up to speed in finding your new job.

We give practical tools for instant application

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8 Online classes

Individual tasks

3 group sessions

3 individual sessions

Why should you participate?

NPS score of 65
Network of more than 400 companies
More than 3,000 placements made
More than 8 practical tools to help you find a job

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Career Coaching Bootcamp cost?

We bill only if you get a job during or 90 days after completing the Career Coaching Bootcamp.

We have two participation options:

Option 1: You pay 1 gross salary + VAT paid in 3 installments after you get your new job.

Option 2: You pay MXN$ 6,000 (US$ 300) now and then: 0.5 gross salary + IVA paid in 3 installments after you get your new job.

How long does Career Coaching last?
It depends, we have online content that you can watch on your own time. 3 group sessions and 3 1 on 1 sessions. In general those who actively participate finish the Bootcamp in less than 4 weeks.
How much time per week should I dedicate to coaching?
With 4 hours per week you can complete the Career Coaching for 4 weeks (including time for group meetings and 1 on 1).
Can I recommend you to others who have just lost their job?
Yes, of course! We will soon have news on how Listopro will help with mass layoffs. Companies can write to